Teko Icelandic Tea

At teko we are passionate about our tea. Our mission is to bring tradional Icelandic tea blends to the world as well as to grow and harvest the northernmost green tea plantation in the world.


Teko Products



Teko began growing the first Camellia Sinensis teaplants in 2016 in Iceland.  Our green tea will be availble for purchase in 2020.

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FJALLAGRAS - Iceland Moss & Black Tea

Fjallagras was vital for the survival of the Icelandic nation through the centuries, providing vital nutrients in harsh winters. Fjallagras brings salty oceanic tones to this traditional Icelandic tea blend.

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BIRKI - Birch Leaves & Green Tea

The birch is Iceland's only native forest tree.  For centuries, we have harvested the virgin leaves in spring. The birch leaves give a unique peppery taste to this traditional Icelandic tea blend.

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BLÓÐBERG - Wild Thyme & Green Tea

Blóðberg's delicate purple-pink flowers can only be picked when blooming, during the short two weeks of spring.  The flowers bring soft floral tones to this Icelandic tea blend.

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MJAÐJURT - Meadowsweet & Green Tea

Mjaðjurt grows scented white flowers and is found in grassland, forests and swamp areas in Iceland.  Mjaðjurt brings earthy spice tones to this Icelandic tea blend.

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KERFILL - Sweet Cicely & Green Tea

Spánarkerfill, or sweet cicely, grows wild in the Icelandic lowlands.  Spánarkerfill brings the flavours of anise and liquorice to this Iceandic tea blend.